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Zita Conway, a member of our congregation, has a cousin who is a doctor in a hospital hard hit by the Covid-19 virus in Turin, Northern Italy.  Because of this connection, we are letting people know about a GoFundMe campaign to raise money to provide masks and other essential equipment to fight the virus.

Here is an English language translation of the campaign.  People should remember that they are paying in euros so the amount shown will be a bit more than 50% greater after currency conversion ($1.55 Canadian).


"Hi everyone,

My name is Rosa Colucci, I am (from) a simple town, I am particularly attached to the Martini Hospital because it embraces the Areonautica, Pozzo Strada and Parella districts. Our hospital located in Turin in Via Tofane 71, connects large areas of our city. Given the emergency of COVID 19, we know very well that hospitals are crowded, doctors and health workers have been working non-stop for many days, many of them get sick due to the high percentage of infection.
They are our heroes and we must support them! Especially in this specific moment my attention turns to the anesthesia and intensive care department of this hospital.

We know very well that Martini does not have a great intensive care unit and numerous devices such as respirators and machines necessary to prevent the system from collapsing.

For this reason I have decided to open this fundraiser, so that nobody will be left behind.
What is needed:

We need:
- Fans
- Respirators
- Masks
- Non invasive ventilation devices
- Hemodynamic monitoring
An estimate of costs:
Cpap helmets for breathing cost around 280 €
the cart to connect them to the costs 700 €
A resuscitation respirator costs 20-30 thousand euros

I start with a small economic goal to achieve, but I hope it can be largely overcome

Because TOGETHER we can make a difference and only TOGETHER #THERE WILL BE GOOD

Thank you!"