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It is with shock and grief that I took the news of the bombing of the al-Ahli Arab Hospital in Gaza that is run by the worldwide Anglican Communion. I mentioned the hospital this past Sunday and urged support of its work in the announcements after the 9:30 service. As many know, I spent three years in the Middle East, including time teaching English at a Palestinian boarding school. My heart aches for a people who have suffered so, and now this!

The Palestinian Authority has mandated a three-day period of mourning and I would recommend praying a psalm of lament in solidarity with our sisters and brothers who have suffered the loss of family members not to speak of the dozens and dozens of patients killed. It is a classic example of why war is hell. I continue to pray for all those affected by the brutal terror attack by Hamas; that too is another mind-numbing, hell-like act that needs to be lamented.

- Fr Allen

Image: Al-Ahli Arab Hospital Director Suhaila Tarazi stands in the destroyed Admin Room. (Diocese of Jerusalem, via PWRDF)