St. Philip has an amazing and active community of youth, ages 12-18.

Our idea of youth ministry is not a ‘program’ – but together to create spaces and places where youth can grow in their faith in Christ and define and refine their spiritual practices as their own youth community – while also having fun and being a part of the wider community of this parish and of Christ’s church (see the value statement for youth ministry, below).

Sunday morning gatherings happen as part of the 9.30am worship.   Youth participate with the praise music and rejoin the congregation for communion.  

Interactive and artistic activities are often incorporated into the discussion and this is an awesome time for us to grow in our faith as young people, ask questions and connect with one another.  All questions and points-of-view are welcomed! Every fourth Sunday of the month, youth stay in the sanctuary to listen to the sermon.

This is complimented by community-building activities that include regular Saturday evening fun nights (having cookie bake-offs, “make & eat” nights, filling shoeboxes for Victoria’s homeless teens, open art-making nights, hikes, gym nights, movie nights, volunteering at the Mustard Seed, games nights, etc).

There are also retreats and other special events happening throughout the year.

Youth are encouraged to participate in the wider life of our parish – such as praise music, as readers, and in other areas of our community at St. Philip.