Jesus embodied his love in action by washing his disciples’ feet. In John 13:15, he said, "I have set you an example that you also should do as I have done to you." As followers of Jesus, our mission is to live in the world in such a way that, by our presence and our action, we “wash people’s feet.” Jesus’ mission is fulfilled every time we practice gentleness, kindness, patience, forgiveness, and compassion, wherever we are.

Our aim is to support the ministries we feel passionate about through funds and with our commitment of time, energy, and vision. At our annual general meeting, the parish votes on a budget allocation for our missions, and a committee recommends the allocations for the charities, local and international, for our Church to support. While there are many worthy charities, St. Philip focuses on financially supporting those with which our members are directly involved.


 Street Hope (Threshold Ministries) [website] [donate]

Street Hope Victoria (SHV) is a volunteer-driven ministry that builds personal relationships with people who face marginalization. Those served may be facing poverty, a lack of a supportive community, homelessness, addictions, or mental health issues. SHV encourages the people to seek wholeness in all aspects of their lives. St. Philip parishioners volunteer with Street Hope to provide food and encouragement to those living on Pandora street.

There are many opportunities to help with this important outreach including distributing food, making soup and sandwiches, and contributing to at an annual shoebox/backpack filling done by the youth of St. Philip.  For more information, visit Street Hope or speak to Rob Hosie, Jackie Prowse or Tim Davidge at church. 

Shelbourne Community Kitchen [website] [donate]

The Kitchen is the closest organization to St. Philip’s Church whose aim is to provide food security for low-income families living in our community.   People who are living on low income in our area go to The Kitchen to:

  • Prepare and share healthy meals in a Food Skills Programs.
  • Access nutritious food through their Pantry Program.
  • Work with others to grow food and build skills in its gardens.
  • Connect with other community resources while becoming resources for one another.

 South Island Counselling [website] [donate]

South Island Counselling is a non-profit society that offers a subsidy program for lower income clients to make counselling accessible for everyone. Their premises are on St. Luke Anglican Church's property.  

The Contemplative Society  [website]  [donate]

The Contemplative Society seeks to recover the mystical heart of the Christian Wisdom tradition by being a facilitating network and regional presence to anyone interested in learning and possibly living within this tradition.  Society members are encouraged to practice regular meditation as a foundation to their spiritual journey, honouring the Christian contemplative tradition, learning from other traditions, and respecting diversity within the many approaches to spiritual life.

Christopher Page, former rector of St Philip, and his wife Heather Page are certified instructors with Contemplative Outreach and offer workshops on this silent meditation prayer practice on Vancouver Island and the lower mainland. Heather Page is the parish rep.  mainland. Many other members of St. Philip and involved in the practice of contemplative prayer.


Canadian Foundation for the Children of Haiti [website] [donate]

CFCH is a Christian organization committed to providing physical, emotional, and spiritual care to disadvantaged children in Haiti, since 1993. The home is staffed by Haitians and the Foundation provides financial support. Through the Foundation, several families from St. Philip’s are sponsors of children living in Hope Home.

Judith Armstrong, a member of our 9:30 congregation, is a founding member and guiding light in the organization and our primary tie with this mission. Hope Home in Port Au Prince, Haiti, is home to 22 children, all with disabilities and complex needs.

Prior to COVID-19 and the political upheaval in Haiti, Judith travelled to Haiti several times annually, often leading a health care team . Several other members of the congregation have also visited Hope Home to provide support for the children and staff. On each trip, the team members took medical and educational equipment and supplies and offered professional support including nursing, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and teaching.

Supporting this ministry sends God’s love for children who, because of disabilities, are not valued in Haiti. We highly value these children! 

Precious Jewels Ministry [website]  [donate]

Precious Jewels Ministry views every child like a jewel that is of infinite value and uniquely created in the image of God. Joké Bergink and Lorrie Anderson, founders and directors, started PJM; they were sent out from St. Philip Church in 1987 to minister in the Philippines and have kept their connections with our church.  They worked for many years with abandoned and malnourished children on the garbage dump outside Manila, where several thousand families made a home and a life picking garbage. In 1994 the team responded to a broader mandate that included work with children and families suffering from AIDS, HIV, and other life-threatening illnesses. Since 2008, PJM has further extended the mission to work for the healing and restoration of children in Uganda and a region of East Africa. Both at a local and national level, PJM is taking the lead in identifying a course of action to develop programs that will support and protect children affected by HIV/AIDS.  Visit Precious Jewels Ministry for more information.

Mar Elias Maronite Church in the town of Rablah, Syria

Mar Elias Maronite Church was the home Church of the Deeb/Maas family prior to the family of five being sponsored as refugees to come to Canada. A committee at St. Philip’s worked on their immigration process. They have been active members of our congregation since their arrival in 2017 and have shared the financial struggles of the people in their Church back in Syria.

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