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A certain amount of structure and expertise is required to keep any Church running smoothly and St. Philip employs one full-time and six part-time people who serve in a leadership role here.

However the Church operates primarily on the gifts of time and energy freely given by members of the parish. Many more than these five people are required to keep the daily life of this community operational.

Discernment of gifts and enabling those gifts to flourish are central to our Church life, and individuals are encouraged to initiate, accept and carry through on tasks in every area of our life together.

All the Lesson Readers, Greeters, Home Group Leaders, Bulletin Folders, — even the Treasurer and Envelope Secretary, Lawn-Mowers and Weed-Pullers, Money Counters, Servers, Chalice Bearers, Prayer Ministers, Musicians, Nursery Care Givers, Sound Technicians, Altar Guild, Sunday School Teachers and all the Parish Council positions are faithfully filled by a variety of volunteers. If you would like to share in any of these roles, please speak up. We welcome your involvement!

Here are a few of the more ‘behind-the-scenes’ roles that keep the parish running smoothly: 

 Prayer Ministry

The Prayer Chain is a vital ministry in this parish. Members of the group make themselves available to lift up the needs of the congregation, to the Lord in prayer. Averaging 40 to 50 petitions at any given time, they pray daily for the concerns of this community.

Lay Prayer Ministers are also available for prayer at either side of the Altar Rail after you have received Communion at the 9:00 AM Sunday Service.

The group is always looking for enthusiastic men and women to pray. Members gather at the church once a month, generally on the third Thursday morning at 10:00 AM to share updates.

New requests and updates are circulated by telephone and email. Bonnie Bailey is the contact person. Connect with her at 250-592-9847 or bonniecbailey [at] gmail [dot] com.


What a difference it makes to be greeted by a friendly face when you come in the door!

Ushers arrive about 10 minutes before the beginning of the service, check the hymn numbers in the pew leaflet and then place the hymn numbers on both hymn boards. Besides greeting people as they arrive, and handing out the bulletins, other duties include assisting people to find seats when the church is nearly full; finding helpers for collecting the Offering; and counting the number of people in the Church, (to determine the number of communicants). Ushers remain at the rear of the Church throughout the service. Following the service, they pick up discarded bulletins and placing kneelers in an upright position.

Servers’ Guild

The Servers are men and women  (minimum age 10 – to adult) who assist clergy at the principal services. The duties consist of leading processions, receiving the collection from the Ushers, helping the celebrant prepare the offertory and the sacraments, and generally being useful in the sanctuary. The chief requirement is a willingness to serve faithfully in turn. Anyone interested in learning and serving in this way may contact the office.

Altar Guild

Familiar with the ancient traditions of the Church, the Altar Guild prepares the sanctuary for our Services. Each week, usually on Saturday morning, two or three members meet to arrange the flowers and prepare the vessels and linen for the Eucharist, and for any special services, such as baptisms and weddings. This is the faithful group who change the hangings and banners which help us to mark the High days and Holy days of the Church calendar. The group as a whole decorates the Church for Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter Celebrations.  Our members are very faithful, but few in number – and aging!  We welcome new members, young and not-so-young. If you would like more information, please speak to any member of the Altar Guild.  The Altar Guild meets quarterly. 

Coffee Host

Gathering together after the 9:00 o’clock service gives the St. Philip community a time to meet with one another in a relaxed, informal atmosphere. We share the responsibility of preparing the refreshments, an easy job which requires no heavy time commitment. There is a calendar roster on the kitchen wall on which everyone is welcome to sign up, and a checklist there for Sunday morning to detail the duties. The real job is to remember to buy the milk and bring it with you on your day.

Meals for new mums

St. Philip is well known in baby circles for the blessing offered through our ‘meals for new mums’. Once mum and infant return home from hospital, a meal is delivered to the family each night for 2 weeks. By saving time and energy that might go into shopping or cooking, mums and dads have a little more time to spend together with baby and to adjust to their new routine.

Please contact the office if you’re interested in any of these ministries.

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