In the week of 20 Nov. 2022 in the Anglican Church of Canada cycle of prayer, we pray for the Secretary General and staff of the Anglican Communion Office.

The ACO web page states: " The Anglican Communion Office serves and supports the Communion in over 165 countries around the world. It is based at St Andrew’s House in London and is the permanent administrative headquarters for the four Instruments of Communion.

"The Office has a small team but its remit is huge. Its directors and staff – under the leadership of the secretary general, Dr Anthony Poggo – serve the Anglican Consultative Council; the Primates’ Meetings and the Lambeth Conference. They also serve commissions, committees and various groups that are created from time to time. Directors and staff work in areas including mission, ecumenism and gender justice. The Office also has representatives at the United Nations in New York. The Office is also home to the Anglican Alliance and the Lambeth Conference Company.

"In addition, the ACO acts as a meeting point and base for visiting Anglican/Episcopalian leaders.

"The Office was established with the formation of the Anglican Consultative Council in 1968. Its original brief was to support communications between churches and provinces. Its work is supported by the inter-Anglican budget which is funded by contributions from the member churches and other grant-making bodies."

Here is a video introducing the work of the Anglican Communion Office. The ACO tweets @AnglicanWorld.

This is the last week of the liturgical year, and the last in the ACC's annual Cycle of Prayer. Next week we begin a new year and a new Canadian cycle with the people of the Church, then the Primate, and then progressing through the directors and staff of the departments of the national church. Diocesan posts will return at the end of January with the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada (Atlantic provinces and Quebec), starting on the other coast with Newfoundland and working our way westward through the year.