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image: The Anglican Church of Canada's map of Canadian dioceses and provinces, from (modified to highlight the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario)

In the week of 2 April 2023 we pray for The Most Rev. Anne Germond, Metropolitan, and the people and clergy of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario, which "covers most of the geographical province of Ontario, and parts of Quebec", and comprises "the Anglican dioceses of Algoma, Huron, Moosonee, Niagara, Ontario, Ottawa, and Toronto." [source]

"The Ontario Provincial Synod was created in 1912 when the old Province of Canada was divided into two, becoming the present day ecclesiastical provinces of Ontario and Canada, within the Anglican Church of Canada. The old Province had come into being in 1861 and included the dioceses of Toronto, Huron, and Ontario, along with Montreal and Quebec. The dioceses of Fredericton and Nova Scotia joined a few years later. The dioceses of Niagara (1875), Ottawa (1996), and Algoma (1873) were added later when they were created. The Diocese of Moosonee was transferred from the Province of Rupert's Land to Ontario in 1935." [source]

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