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image: The Anglican Church of Canada's map of Canadian dioceses and provinces, from (modified to highlight the Diocese of Moosonee)

In the week of 30 April 2023 we pray for The Most Rev. Anne Germond, Bishop, The Most Rev. Fred Hiltz, Assisting Bishop, and the clergy and people of the Missionary Area of Moosonee.

Following the diocesan reorganization of 2013, the Metropolitan of Ontario serves as the ex officio Bishop of Moosonee. [source

About the Bishop

"The Diocese of Moosonee of the Anglican Church of Canada, covers some 560,000 square kilometres straddling northeastern Ontario and northwestern Quebec and is set in 'an almost unbelievable land…of forests and lake and rivers with mountains and muskeg and desolate tundra' (Olive MacKay Petersen)."

Map of the Deaneries

Its Latin name is Dioecesis Moosoneeensis, [sic, three es] not to be confused with the recently dissolved Roman Catholic Dioecesis Musonitana.

A detailed administrative history of the diocese from the Archives of Laurentian University, which holds the diocesan archives, is here

The diocesan cathedral of St Matthew, built in 1913, is in Timmins, Ontario

The diocesan newsletter is the quarterly Northland, and more frequent diocesan news updates are here