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image: The Anglican Church of Canada's map of Canadian dioceses and provinces, from (modified to highlight the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada)

In the week of 26 March 2023 we pray for the theological colleges and training programs within the Ecclesiastical Province of Canada: The Atlantic School of Theology (Halifax), Montreal Diocesan Theological College, and Queen’s College (St John's).

AST Halifax

The Atlantic School of Theology (Halifax): "Atlantic School of Theology, an ecumenical school of theology and Christian ministry, was founded in 1971 by institutions of the three founding parties: the Divinity Faculty of the University of King’s College (Anglican Church of Canada, founded 1789), Holy Heart Theological Seminary (The Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation of Halifax, founded 1895) and Pine Hill Divinity Hall (United Church of Canada, original Presbyterian foundation 1820). It is specially characterized as an ecumenical, tri-denominational theological school with an ecumenical Board of Governors, Senate, Faculty, student body and curriculum. The School is accredited by the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada and offers Master of Divinity and Master of Arts (Theology and Religious Studies) degrees. The Master of Arts (Theology and Religious Studies) degree is offered in conjunction with Saint Mary's University... Since March 2002 Atlantic School of Theology has been affiliated with Saint Mary’s University in Halifax." [sourceMore about life at the college

Dio Montreal

Montreal Diocesan Theological College: "Since 1873, Montreal Diocesan Theological College has been training people for Christian ministry, working in close collaboration with its partners on both sides of University Street. The colleges and McGill most recently renewed their affiliation agreement in 2016 for a period of a further 25 years. The agreement continues to stand as a testament to the enduring value of combining academic preparation for ministry with denominational formation in an ecumenical environment." [sourceMore about life at the college

Queen’s College (St John's): "Queen’s College was established in 1841 as The Theological Institute by The Right Reverend Aubrey George Spencer, appointed in 1839 as the first Bishop of the Diocese of Newfoundland. His successor, The Right Reverend Edward Feild, re-established The Institute in a new building and named it Queen’s College in honour of Queen Victoria and The Queen’s College, Oxford, his alma mater.  Its prime purpose was then, and is now, to offer training leading to ordination.  Since that time the College has expanded its programs to include persons who wish to pursue the study of theology without seeking ordination." The college is affiliated with Memorial University and is situated within the main MUN campus in St John's. [source


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