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 There is still a need for more fundraising to cover accommodation costs before the family arrives.  The required minimum level of funds set by MOSAIC and the government doesn't reflect the current rents in Victoria.  

Fatima Haidari writes:

The sponsorship of the Hazara family has moved one step forward with the help of generous donors who made this process possible. Every contribution made an impact, so thank you for your support. The Hazara family is one step closer to safety since their application for sponsorship was submitted to IRCC on November 11, 2022. It took 34k to put the application in for a private sponsorship program. Both my family and my sister’s family are really pleased with this news.

Registration with the MOSAIC started in August 2021. I submitted the application to MOSAIC before July 31, 2022. Now we are waiting for the next steps. It is promising to have my sister’s family in Victoria in a couple of months although there is no specific timeline as each case varies.  The three of you played a major role in making this process move forward. Therefore, I wanted to thank all three of you and your networks for every support you offered with this project. I deeply appreciate your time, the arrangements you made at the Philips Church, and for trusting me and the possibility of this sponsorship.   

I will keep you posted when I hear any news about the progress of the sponsorship.  

Kind regards,  

Fatima Haidari 

How to donate:

 Click here for the Canada Helps page "Hazara Displaced Family Sponsorship" where tax-deductible charitable donations can be made and more information from Fatima can be found, including videos with background. (Click on “read more about fundraiser” for the rest of her statement.) 

To donate by cheque:
   1) Make cheque out to MOSAIC.
   2) In the memo line, note "CS Fatima Haidari" so it gets to the right fund. (CS = Co-Sponsor)
   3) On the back of the cheque, write "attn: Farkhonda Rajabe".
   4) Address: MOSAIC - Boundary, 5575 Boundary Road, Vancouver BC V5R 2P9
   5) Email Farkhonda at once the cheque is mailed, so that MOSAIC reception staff will be aware that a cheque is coming.

MOSAIC is one of the largest settlement non-profit organizations in Canada, serving immigrant, refugee, migrant and mainstream communities in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley

*Please note that we are not able to process cash or cheques via donations to St Philip.