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Fr Allen introduced the concept of an Agape meal for the evening of Maundy Thursday (see 19 March video starting 1:34:35)

 Larry: It’s been our tradition at St Philip to have a Seder meal on Maundy Thursday, on the night before Good Friday. This year we elected not to have the Seder meal – partly it’s a question of volunteer energy, partly it’s a question of logistics. When we mentioned this to Allen, he had a suggestion that we might do that is simple, and that might meet our spiritual needs as a community for that evening. I’m going to let him explain it to you, because it is his concept to bring to us:

Fr Allen: The idea is to have two settings for something called an Agápē meal, which is something that has been percolating throughout the Anglican Church of Canada for quite some time now, taken from the Episcopalian Church, just south of us, and it’s to gather around tables with basic Roman food, which in this case is recommended to be lentil soup, bread, cheese, olives, and wine. And at some point near the end of the meal there are some Jewish prayers involved; we just re-enact the setting of the last Supper. So it’s quite lovely and quite simple, and something you can replicate pretty easily in a number of different settings. Chatting with the Wardens about it, we felt maybe we’d give it a go. The biggest thing to organize is the lentil soup, probably! 

There are lots of examples of Agape meal arrangements and liturgies online, showing the variety and adaptability possible. More about St Philip's Agape meal to come...

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 We will gather for the Agape meal in the hall downstairs at St Philip. There will be two sittings, at 5pm and 7pm. The 7pm sitting will be immediately followed by the liturgy for the Stripping of the Altars in preparation for Good Friday.

Sign up sheets are in the narthex for RSVPs and volunteering to make a big pot of lentil soup (recipe will be provided), set up or clean up before or after either sitting. Questions? please speak to Ceal McLean (email, phone 778 967-2473). 


Photo by Monika Grabkowska on Unsplash