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 Parking: designated parking space in the parking lot, nearest to the church and the ramp to the lower level  

Church: 5 steps up from inside main doors (red line on photo), or step-free access via a ramp to the narthex (lobby) back door off the parking lot (green arrow on photo)  

Washrooms: all on lower level - full flight of stairs from church indoors, or step free access by exiting to the parking lot and taking the ramp on the south side from the parking lot down to double doors near the east end of the church (yellow arrow on photo) on the lower level. Washrooms are at the west end of the lower level (yellow oblong on photo). There is a separate single wheelchair-accessible washroom.  

Coffee time is held indoors during cold weather, downstairs, and will be outdoors in the parking lot/on the lawn once the weather improves.