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Readings and prayers for Sunday 27 August and the following week: 

We pray for Anna, our bishop, and Allen, our rector.  In our diocesan cycle of prayer, we pray for the people of St Michael and All Angels, Chemainus and their incumbent, Michael Wimmer;  in our ecclesiastical province, we pray for the clergy and people  of the Diocese of Caledonia and Bishop David Lehmann.

In the Anglican Church of Canada cycle of prayer, we pray for diocesan administrator Archdeacon Alex Parsons, and the clergy and people of the Diocese of Saskatoon.

In the Anglican Council of Indigenous People cycle of prayer, we pray for The Rt. Rev. Chris Harper, Indigenous Archbishop, and for Indigenous Peoples in the Diocese of Kootenay.

In the Anglican Communion cycle of prayer, we pray for Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui (the Anglican Church in Hong Kong and Macao).

Collect:   Living God, you accept our stumbling faith, our misplaced answers, our false horizons, and through them you build a way of peace. Empower and enable us to bind the wounds of the world and loose the bonds of oppression, so that all may confess the grace that is your work alone; through Jesus Christ, your anointed one. ( Prayers for an Inclusive Church (2009) alt.)

Anglican Communion Cycle of Prayer for the week:

  • Mon Aug 28 The Diocese of Yola – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Jos Province)
  • Tues Aug 29 The Diocese of York – The Church of England (York Province)
  • Wed Aug 30 The Diocese of Ysabel – The Anglican Church of Melanesia
  • Thurs Aug 31 The Diocese of Yukon – The Anglican Church of Canada (BC and Yukon Province)
  • Fri Sept 1 The Diocese of Zaki-Biam – The Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) (Abuja Province)
  • Sat Sept 2 The Diocese of Central Zambia – The Church of the Province of Central Africa

BIBLE READINGS FOR THE WEEK - click links for full text of readings for that day

Sunday August 27th 2023 , Pentecost 13 (Proper 21)  Exodus 1:8-2:10 and Psalm 124  • Romans 12:1-8  •  Matthew 16:13-20

"After Pentecost during Ordinary Time, there are two sets of Hebrew Bible readings. One set progresses semi-continuously through the Patriarchal/Exodus narratives (Year A), the Monarchial narratives (Year B), and the Prophets (Year C). The other set is related thematically, or is complementary, to the gospel lections for those dates. The Hebrew Bible lections during the rest of the year are thematically related to the gospel lections, which are in turn connected to the seasons of the Church Year. Additional readings are provided for special feast days." Daily readings below are from the Complementary thread, related to the weekly Sunday Gospel lection and sermonSource