Romans 4:1-5 & John 3:1-17
No Place for Anti-Semitism

The history of the human community is filled with the tragic scourge of antisemtism. As Christians we need to acknowledge the support our history has given to the spread of antisemitsm. However, if we read the Romans and John texts appointed for Lent II, we must acknowledge that it is utterly impossible for any Christian who has read the Bible to ever give any room to antisemitism. Paul is clear that our faith is the faith of Abraham. The faith we have in Jesus was embodied in Abraham who is the “father of us all.” Nicodemus was a faithful believing Jew who saw in Jesus the truth that he had found in his own faith. In response to Nicodemus Jesus affirmed that he came to bring wholeness to the whole world and not condemnation for the majority of the human race.