Stairwell Gallery

The Stairwell Gallery is a space devoted to the visual arts in St. Philip Church.

At St. Philip Church, we believe the “sacred” includes all of life and that art is a means of comprehending that sacredness. The art we display may or may not be specifically religious; it is a sincere response to life and our experience of being human.

We display art in the stairwell connecting the sanctuary and the downstairs hall, an area with lots of wall space, a high ceiling and lots of light. In the past, we have been privileged to display the works of emerging and experimental artists from the community.  Currently, we are focusing on showing the works of the many talented members of our church community.

For the month of March, 2020, we are displaying 35 reproduced images depicting the Annunciation -- the story of the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary to tell her she will become the mother of Jesus.  These 35 images span more than 1000 years and every conceivable medium.  They all tell the same story -- that Mary has found favour with God and will bear a child who will be the Son of the Most High God. 

We will celebrate Annunciation Day on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

We are very grateful to Gillian Fosdick who collected these beautiful images.