Stairwell Gallery

The Stairwell Gallery is a space devoted to the visual arts in St. Philip Church.

At St. Philip Church, we believe the “sacred” includes all of life and that art is a means of comprehending that sacredness. The art we display may or may not be specifically religious; it is a sincere response to life and our experience of being human.

We display art in the stairwell connecting the sanctuary and the downstairs hall, an area with lots of wall space, a high ceiling and lots of light. In the past, we have been privileged to display the works of emerging and experimental artists from the community.  Currently, we are focusing on showing the works of the many talented members of our church community.

Judith Slimmon

We are pleased to present the works of Judith Slimmon, a member of our congregation, who will displaying her paintings for January and February 2020.

Artist Statement:

I have been “playing” at painting for the past six or seven years.  I already had a foundation with a fine art degree and a number of years spent as a studio potter.  Then came the “serious” years of psychoanalytic studies and a full time practice which occupied my energy, intellect and creative spirit.  Now I have returned to my first love of image and mucking around with acrylic paint.

The paintings of children playing on the beach has held my attention for some time.  All of the children are completely and wholly engaged in play, completely un-selfconscious and unconcerned about how they are perceived. This is a creative state of being fascinates me and seems to be the key to maintaining a state of innocence as we grow old. 

The two canola field paintings harken back to my childhood and early adult years in Saskatchewan.  There is something elemental about the flat horizon line, where sky meets earth, that speaks to me of spaciousness.  It was the first place I went when I returned to Canada from four years of study in Switzerland, a tiny country surrounded by mountains.  It was also the first time in four years that I could breathe deeply and effortlessly.

The flower series are simply images that strike my fancy and that I love to paint.  The poppy fields are from time spent in Holland on a bike trip - thousands upon thousands of poppies as far as the eye could see.

The two chicken/rooster paintings were done a couple of years apart and it surprised me to see how differently they turned out.  I love roosters – their cockiness, brilliant colours and insouciance.  The robin painting is just that – on the prairie the first indicator that spring had arrived.

The water lily painting is from a photograph I took in Hawaii - from above a lily pond  It was late in the day and the light was exquisite so although the water was mostly dark, the tips of the leaves were illuminated and glowed while hints of what was below the water were visible. 

The only watercolour painting is the small image of the ascending angel.  The only painting not for sale, it hangs on my office wall most of the time, as a reminder of the world just beyond the one we can see.  Enjoy!

The acrylic paintings are for sale if you are interested.  They are priced by size and include the cost of the frame.  You can contact me at 778-265-6967 or [email protected]